On Bitcoin

In March 2024 we have published and released the first fully permissionless lending protocol on Bitcoin Mainnet (Layer 1) using the technology that we called BitWeave. We are now working on new protocols that leverage the BitWeave mechanisms on BTC, without the need of any layer 2.

Our whitepapers:

On Cardano

Our Cardano Peer-to-Peer Lending V1 whitepaper has been published at the end of February 2022: we've been the first platform to propose a DeFi lending protocol for NFT and tokens based on the permissionless Peer-To-Peer mechanism. We have also created and delivered several innovative protocols, such as tokens/NFT Renting and Boosted Stake.

Our whitepapers:

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Our Smart Contracts have been audited by famous indipendent third parties to minimize any possible risk for the community. We are proud to share here the official Audits for our latest protocols version: