Lender Liquidity Pools

The Liquidity Pools are the opposite mechanic of the P2P loan requests: lenders can create liquidity pools providing as much liquidity as they prefer and choosing which NFT collections/tokens to support for lending with this liquidity.

The parameters of the possible loans are decided by the lenders themselves.

Borrowers that own NFTs/tokens from the selected collections can then access the liquidity immediately, starting a series of standard P2P loans.


The parameters to be chosen when creating a new Liquidity Pool are the same of a regular P2P loan request (except this time is the lender who decides the parameters) in addition to the NFT collection to chose as accepted collateral and the amount of liquidity provided.


Once the Liquidity Pool is available, borrowers can freely lock their NFT as collateral and immediately receive the agreed liquidity. Each loan follows the exact dynamics of the P2P loan requests.

Anytime, the lender is also able to withdraw the liquidity from his/her own pool and to add additional liquidity to it.