Welcome to the FluidTokens documentation!

FluidTokens is the current leading ecosystem on Bitcoin and Cardano blockchains that leverages your assets to offer a world of innovative financial services. This open, trustless and secure ecosystem offers different non-custodial DeFi services for any crypto user, created following the community needs and feedbacks.

On Bitcoin FluidTokens has created the first 100% permissionsless lending protocol that supports BRC20, Runes and Ordinals along with all the major BTC wallets. The lending protocol doesn't need any centralized entity or layer 2 to function, thanks to our innovative BitWeave technology. We are currently working on several additional DeFi services that will run directly on Bitcoin Layer 1.

On Cardano FluidTokens offers the following protocols:

  • P2P Lending: Anyone can request liquidity (in any currency) using his/her NFTs and Fungible Tokens ($HUNT, $MIN, $SNEK, etc.) as forms of collateral. In the same fashion, anyone can be a lender and lend ADA (or stablecoins) to earn interests.
  • Liquidity Pools: lenders can provide liquidity for a certain NFT collection or token, setting the terms for the eventual loans that borrowers can automatically take.
  • Renting: an innovative protocol that allows token holders to rent their assets to anyone that needs them (utility tokens, metaverse assets, nft memberships, real world assets).
  • Boosted Stake: unique service to get Cardano Ada staking power to have more voting power, staking rewards, ISPO rewards and more.
  • Buy Now Pay Later: buy NFTs and tokens at a discounted price, paying with smaller installments.
  • Aquarium: pay transaction fees with custom tokens and automate your smart contracts.
  • Maelstrom: NDA, more details soon!
  • Igloo: NDA, more details soon!

FluidTokens is community-centric, prioritizing a great user experience - listening to the community suggestions - and allowing everyone to be an active member. As the protocols are non-custodial, any user can be both a liquidity provider and a borrower!

FluidTokens is also going to become a cross-chain and multi-chain ecosystem, supporting other blockchains such as Polygon and Midnight.

The official DAO (FluidDAO) has been legally enstablished in Switzerland. The $FLDT token will happen on 18th January 2024 on MinSwap: it's the most fair token launch ever made on Cardano, with zero VCs, no pre-sale, long vesting periods and most of the token given directly to the community! For a full breakdown of the token sale event, the tokenomics and the token utilities, please check our Medium article.

All FluidTokens protocols are audited by trusted third parties.


  • Community First: FluidDAO and $FLDT will guarantee benefits and governance to the users. The development of the ecosystem will also follow the needs of the community and not the one of any private investor.
  • Innovation-Driven: publishing our V1 Whitepaper in February 2022, we've been the first in the Cardano space to propose an NFT-based lending platform. In 2023 we have also created Renting and Boosted Stake for the first time ever on Cardano. We plan to continue bringing new ideas and protocols that can enrich the Cardano (and other blockchains) DeFi ecosystem.
  • New utilities to your NFTs and tokens: one of our main missions is to create more use cases to show that tokens hold much more value than previously thought.

2024 Main Objectives

  • Privacy-focues DeFi protocols
  • Cross-chain expansion with seamless bridging
  • Real World Assets tokenization and DeFi services
  • Simplifying web3 user experience to onboard non-crypto users
  • DeFi farming and decentralized automation

We value your feedback

We are committed to product excellence and deliver a premium experience to our community. Please reach out to us directly.