FluidTokens is the first open Decentralized Lending platform on Cardano blockchain. In its Peer-to-Peer form, the platform allows anyone to request ADA using his/her NFTs and Fungible Tokens ($PAV, $MIN, etc.) as forms of collateral. In the same fashion, anyone can be a lender and lend ADA to earn interests.

FluidTokens is community-centric, prioritizing a great user experience - listening to the community suggestions - and allowing everyone to be an active member.

The official DAO and the $FLUID token are planned for the upcoming months, along with a strong roadmap to empower crypto users with many interesting features.


  • Community First: DAO and $FLUID will guarantee benefits and governance to the users. The development of the platform will also follow the needs of the community and not the one of any VC.
  • Innovation-Driven: publishing our V1 Whitepaper in February 2022, we've been the first in the Cardano space to propose an NFT-based lending platform. We plan to continue bringing new initiatives that can enrich the Cardano DeFi ecosystem.
  • New utilities to your NFTs: one of our main missions is to give NFTs more use cases to show that they hold much more value than previously thought.


  • Q1 2022: Concept formulation, planning and V1 whitepaper
  • Q2 2022: Team creation, platform creation, testnet release
  • Q3 2022: mainnet release, first round of partnerships, bundles support, counter offers, fungible tokens support
  • Q4 2022: Second round of partnerships, $FLUID public sale and airdrops, DAO for governance
  • 2023: $FLUID staking, sponsorships of DAO investment funds, additional NFT and Fungible Tokens services